What are the various alumni groups associated with Psi Chapter?

There are three alumni bodies which serve to promote the well-being of the chapter.

  1. Psi Diamond Association, Inc. (PDA)
    2.  Psi Chapter House Corporation (HC)
    3.  Psi Chapter Diamond Association Charitable Foundation, Inc. (CF)

What is the Psi Diamond Association, Inc.?

The PDA makes up the main body of alumni with a mission to encourage the continued assistance of Psi alumni to foster the social, spiritual, and economic rebuilding of the Psi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi.  The Diamond Association was established at the chapter’s 75th Anniversary Celebration in 1936.  The PDA, by definition, is a support organization of the alumni for the chapter.  That mission includes the encouragement of participation in Psi activities which does include fund raising.  The PDA consists of Betas who continue to believe in and want to continue to support the values and purposes of Beta Theta Pi and Psi Chapter.

What is the purpose of the PDA?

The purposes of the PDA include:

–          Assist the House Corporation with general maintenance and supply needs over and above the normal expenses supported by the rent.

–          Provide support for the active chapter in any capacity required such as fund raising; alumni communications; recruiting (formerly called rush); pledging scholarship assistance; attendance at General fraternity events, conventions; etc.

Are donations to the PDA tax deductible?

While donations to the PDA are not tax deductible, their use is unrestricted.   Donations to PDA can be “ear marked” according to the donors wishes or if not indicated otherwise, used in a manner of greatest need.

Are there PDA membership requirements? What are these requirements?